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Academic Associates tutors are very experienced and motivated teachers with most "Head of Department" at their own schools.

Feedback from students is very positive with the tutors being often acknowledged for the professional assistance they provide to each class member and their differing needs.

Below is a brief description of various Tutors who teach classes for Academic Associates.

Chris Kolomyjec

Chris Kolomyjec

Chris Kolomyjec has been teaching Chemistry and Physics since 1979 at various schools including Applecross High, Perth Modern and Ocean Reef High.

Chris currently works at Tuart College, teaching Yr 11 & 12 Physics and Chemistry. He has also been a TEE marker since 1984 and has written a Physics Publication for the WACE course, as well as co-editing WACE Study Guides for Physics 2A/2B & 3A/3B and Chemistry 2A/2B & 3A/3B.

Chris provides a wealth of experience and is enthusiastic towards helping students achieve their best.

Dr Greg Hine

Dr Greg Hine

Dr Gregory Hine's teaching career spans 12 years, and he has taught mathematics for the past eight years. He has taught middle school mathematics and science in the United States. Since returning to Australia he has been a mathematics educator at Seton Catholic College in Samson, teaching a range of mathematics year levels and pathways (Year 7 to 3C/3D Specialist Mathematics). Greg has also held the pastoral position of House Coordinator at the College for five years. Since 2006, Greg has worked as a tutor for Academic Associates, teaching Discrete Mathematics, Applicable Mathematics, Calculus, 3A/3B Mathematics and 3C/3D Specialist Mathematics over Saturday and holiday revision courses; he has written two revision texts for Academic Associates in 3A/3B Mathematics.

Since 2009, Greg has worked as a lecturer at the University of Notre Dame, Australia. His classes taught to date include Action Research, Mathematics Pedagogy, and Preparatory Teaching Skills and Knowledge. He has been a member of W.A.C.E marking teams for the Curriculum Council for the past two years, marking T.E.E. papers in Discrete Mathematics, Calculus, and 3A/3B Mathematics. 

Greg has completed a Bachelor of Arts (Education) from the University of Notre Dame, Australia, before obtaining two Master's degrees (Education, and Catholic School Administration and Leadership) from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, U.S.A. During 2011 Greg completed his doctoral studies at the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle.

Greg Hill

Greg Hill

Greg Hill has been teaching mathematics for approximately 30 years at various schools throughout the metropolitan area, as well as the country in both government and independent schools.

Greg is currently teaching Maths 3A/3B and 3C/3D at All Saints' College where he has taught mathematics for the past 15 years.

He has taught all levels of mathematics, been a marker for the TEE exams and written several textbooks, including two study guides for Academic Associates covering the new WACE courses.

Greg is a very experienced and valued member of the Academic Associates tuition programs.

Mat Winter

Mat Winter

Mat Winter has been teaching Science since 1998. He has taught year 8-10 Science, Stages 2 and 3 Chemistry and Physics.

Mat is currently a level 3 Science teacher at a Public Senior High School. He has worked exclusively with groups of students and individuals to show current methods of best practice and expertise in writing WACE Chemistry exams. Mat has also written a publication for WACE Stage 3 Chemistry.  

Mat brings an energetic and enthusiastic approach to his tutoring roles with Academic Associates and is highly regarded by his students.

Wayne Lamotte

Wayne Lamotte

Wayne Lamotte has taught for 36 years in the fields of English and Literature. He has spent 24 years as Head of English at various secondary high schools in Western Australia, teaching the full complement of Years 8-12 at Pinjarra, Hamilton, Safety Bay, Armadale, Mount Lawley and Leeming Senior High Schools. He was a Sub-School Head at Hamilton Senior High School and Relieving Deputy Principal at Armadale and Leeming Senior High Schools.

Working for Academic Associates since 1994, he set up and taught the English and Literature courses and wrote an English Study Guide which was published in 2004.

He also wrote a second book entitled Heads and Tails: The Story of the Kalgoorlie Two-up School , a social, economic and political history of two-up in the Goldfields.


Claire Stewart

Danny Pollard

Dr Roy Skinner

Lynette Hutting

Peter Samuels

Richard Boomsma

Rodney Dowling

Sandra Campbell

Tim Oates